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Information Governance

Gain visibility, cut costs, mitigate risk, and simplify e-discovery through consistent and repeatable information management.
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File intelligence provides insight into the business value and risk of file-based content through granular, file-level visibility and reporting. Applying this intelligence enables organizations to maximize efficiency and benefit from their existing infrastructure investments.
Archiving for operational efficiency is a foundational technology for information governance. It determines where information is stored, who can access it, how long it is retained, how it is protected, and how it is ulimately disposed. Proper archiving can lower IT administrative and operational costs by 60 percent or more.
EMC SourceOne provides capabilities to help customers proactively manage their information for litigation readiness and then create repeatable in-house e-Discovery proceses. It allows organizations to bring e-Discovery in-house and to support early case assessment.
EMC Documentum Records Management plays a key role in information governance by automating the capture of relevant business content, lowering the cost of maintaining it, ensuring its retention for the appropriate period, and managing its subsequent disposition. It is designed with a modular architecture capable of meeting a wide variety of diverse records management needs across the enterprise.
  • Records Management

Documentum Records Management Family

Securely automate and centrally manage the lifecycle of organizational records.
  • Archiving

EMC SourceOne Archiving Family

Improve operational efficiency, enable litigation readiness, and mitigate risk.
  • e-Discovery

EMC SourceOne e-Discovery Family

Identify, collect, cull, analyze, and review electronically stored information to reduce cost and mitigate risk.
  • File Intelligence

EMC SourceOne File Intelligence

Gain visibility over content wherever it lives for control, compliance, and IT efficiency.
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